Water & Wastewater 

Many of Nayes' clients have been required by the Clean Water Act to prepare spill prevention facility response plans (FRP) or SPCC and stormwater SWPPP plans.  Nayes has been able to work cost effectively with clients on these plans because of the over 30 years experience in similar process industries.  

Field engineer for the start-up of an activated sludge wastewater treatment plant.  First raised awareness of production staff on cost of waste stream discharges.  Next confirmed design capacity of the new wastewater treatment plant.  Conducted extensive data analysis and held operations discussions with staff.  Result was high quality treated wastewater for discharge to a trout stream.  

Land Application - Byproducts thin stillage and biomass residual materials resulting from ethanol production were land-applied as an economical method of disposal.  A permit was granted based upon an application that included lab analysis of the applied materials, and the soil.  Site maps and aerial photos were used to identify setback areas for existing wells and residential areas.  Calculations were performed to show that the nutrient loading did not exceed crop uptake rates.  An Emergency Response Remedial Action Plan was required to be prepared to handle spill contingencies.  The resulting benefit was an economical method for recycling residual materials, and improvement of the soil due to fertilizer value of the applied materials.